Spaceship Games

Last Wars Starship Alien Shooter

Here are three space games for mobile devices (Android and IOS), totally free. Inspired by the arcades of the 90s, whose mission will be to put you in command of a fantastic spaceship and destroy the waves of enemy ships.

The first episode is called "Last Wars" consisting of more than 100 levels of pure adrenaline. Upgrade your spaceship and eliminate enemies. If you like spaceship games this is your videogame. It participates in the war for the defense of the Earth. Avoid alien attack with your ability. Shoot lasers, dodge bombs ...Complete the level and upgrade the spaceships with the coins you collect. Improve the laser firing of our spacecraft.

The second episode is called "Alien Shooter" which deals with several worlds with different final bosses with different attack patterns. Get to kill all the aliens. Alien Shooter has an easy control to move the starship slide your finger on the screen of your mobile or tablet. Talk fast before being destroyed. In each level you have up to 3 lives before your starship is demolish, but every time you lose a life, starship will get damage, which will make you misplace visibility. Eliminate the bosses of each galaxy.

The third and final episode is called "Galaxy Combat" with many levels of exploration, dodging metorites, exploring the galaxy, shooting with your laser cannon, and much more ...Your spaceship moves to the position of your finger on your screen. As small footprint is ideal for any mobile. Dispute this space war with your ship, shoot and use special skills to complete the levels.

Thanks for playing!